Brightminds offers value in two directions: tailor-made staff development programmes; and finding trainers and consultants in narrow fields of development. Finding training programmes and trainers for ordinary topics is easy, but things become considerably more difficult when it is necessary to find training and development programmes that help solve specific problems. This is where Brightminds comes in as your irreplaceable partner and helps you create and carry out tailor-made training and development programmes.

The projects of Brightminds are very different. We create programmes that last one to two days and are carried out by one trainer, and development programmes that offer significantly more value to our clients and are carried out over a longer period of time. Such programmes are combinations of several study modules and methods, and the team may consist of 3-4 trainers.

Brightminds is the representative of the training company Canning in Estonia. The training programmes of Canning help your staff perfect their skills in international communication and English if your company operates on an international scale.