Leena Kivisild

Leena holds bachelor degree (1988) from Tallinn University and MBA (2001) from Tartu University. Currently she is studying at Insitute of Holistics (Estonia).

Since 1992 she have been active in training and consultancy, working as sales/ marketing manager and CEO at Invicta AS, leading management training company in Estonia. During the period of 2006-2009 Leena worked for industrial companies (Frog Group Ltd, Kalev Chocolate Factory) and design company Roller Leiutised Ltd as development manager, export manager and CEO.

Her career as trainer started in 1994 focusing on topics like selling techniques, sales management, excellent service development etc. The most challengable and productive period was related to development of training and consultancy products incl. internet based Assessment Center for Managers and Professionals (at Invicta Ltd, 360-degree method) and EQ Masterclass seminars for Business Executives.

In 2010 Leena established her own company Brightminds Ltd , which is specialised on blended learning programs for leaders and top-professionals in order to help them increase their personal effectiveness and therefor to help organisations to grow and operate efficiently.

Leena is a member of Supervisory Board of Network of Estonian Nonprofit Organizations (EMSL) and a member of International Federation of Business and Professional Women – BPW International.

Leena Kivisild CV