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On March 24-25, 2015, renowned British trainer, Richard Pooley, taught an open course, which this time dealt with the topic of negotiations on international arena.

The course focused on a collaborative negotiations strategy, which requires the negotiator to adopt a ‘SOPHOP’ behaviour – Soft on People, Hard on Points. Richard developed this approach during his 30 years of experience as a negotiator and trainer working all over the world, including in the US, Asia, and Europe. Richard is an expert in the field of cultural differences. This enabled him to analyse the implication of employing SOPHOP in different national culture contexts. The main learning method throughout the course was acting out various situations. Participants found the course very beneficial and we are thinking of continuing in the fall. Here is some feedback from the participants:

“Very, interesting, easy to follow, active and involved.”

“Richard had personal experience about the things he was talking about. Real-life experience and stories are the things people remember. Good balance of theory, practice and stories.”

“Good strcture of presented materials and logical.”

“Richard is the best!”

“Active, practical and directly linked to real life situations. Humorous and keeps you alert and thinking along.”

“I am a fan of Pooley-san. And it is always good to repeat.”

The course title International Commercial Negotiating Skills – “Why Doesn’t He Use a Spoon” matches that of the book which Richard published in September, 2014. Participants of the course received a free signed copy of it.

This public course was Richard’s third in Estonia. In 2012 he taught a course called “Bridging The Culture Gap” and in 2013, a course titled “The Art of Presenting at the Top”.

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