• Emotionen

This programme comprised a series a training events designed to instil in participants the principles of service management and to analyse the management tools that are currently used by the Tax and Customs Board (TCB). There were also workshops during which the participants developed proposals to boost the efficiency of their work. Finally, those taking part completed tasks at home and made summaries of the topics covered during the training.
As a result of the development programme the directors of the TCB’s service points and contact centre:
• grasped the principles of service management and management tools;
• were aware of their own roles in ensuring excellent service;
• agreed on the desired outcomes of the service offered by the Tax and Customs Board based on its strategy and determined efficiency indicators that will help to achieve these outcomes;
• analysed the optimal service process of the TCB, determined service indicators and developed the necessary management indicators;
• found solutions that will makes critical service situations more effective; and
• developed specific proposals for the updating of the service standard and of the working guidelines for directors.
The senior trainer and consultant on the programme was Jaano Inno.

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