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The management of State Real Estate Ltd (RKAS) has set itself an ambitious objective – to create a culture in the company wherein managers are responsible for their own development and serve as the creators and bearers of RKAS management competence.

The development programme is based on a thorough situation analysis, including the preparation of competence models for RKAS managers and 360-degree evaluation of the competence of all managers. The managers ‘took a look in the mirror’ and set themselves individual developmental goals. The evaluation results provided good input for mapping the critical developmental aspects of the entire management team and, working together, we prepared a two-year development programme. The programme comprises training events, skills training and group and individual coaching sessions. The journey to achieving personal development goals, with all of the accompanying achievements and difficulties, will be the focal point throughout the programme. The programme will end after two years with an evaluation of the competence of the managers which will allow for the measuring of the significance of the development journey with regard to management quality both individually and for the entire management team.

Ivar Lukk, Sirje Tammiste, Piret Lõuk and Dmitri Volov comprise the working group of instructors/consultants for the development programme.

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