• New man born from an egg shell

The case study-based development programme for first-level managers in the Estonian companies of Saint Gobain was devised with the aim of helping current and future first-level managers grow into successful leaders.

The main teaching method used on the programme is the resolving case studies, enabling situations of critical importance to the participants to be linked to the corporate values, operating principles and management competences of Saint-Gobain.

While the focus of the 1st module is ‘inside’ i.e. boosting managers’ awareness of their personal profiles and shaping management styles for the creation and management of successful teams, the 2nd module focusses on the ‘outside’, providing knowledge and practical tools for the management and development of others.

Between the modules the participants will complete tasks at home, and at the end of the 2nd module each participant will set themselves the goal of implementing a specific management task. Six months later the group will come together again to share their stories of success and failure and to outline what they experienced in implementing the management tasks.

The project will last for three years and is being led by Margus Alviste and Ivar Lukk.

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